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Visiting Pilots

  • Radio Frequency = 129.980

    • Frequency shared with other users​

    • ​Callsign Lyveden Base

  • Airfield Elevation = 279 ft

  • Runway Length = 1200m

  • Lat/Long = 52°27'56"N / 0°34'58"W

  • Runway Orientation = 255 degrees/075 degrees M



  • Single grass runway - Can get very boggy after rain *

  • Call inbound for airfield information and if no reply make blind traffic calls in the circuit


  • Mostly winch launch/occasional aerotow 


  • No overhead joins due to winch launching to 2000 ft 



  • Midweek glider landouts – use PPR contact details to obtain airfield access for retrieve crews 


  • Please avoid overflight below 2500 ft due to winch launching – you will not see us until it’s too late 

  • Avoid overlapping Deenthorpe Airfield

    • Circuits to the North, remain south of Minor Road Brigstock-Lower Benefield

Our airfield is currently unusable due to flooding

Please do not attempt to land on site

as of 09/02/2024 to be reassessed 01/03/2024

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