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Go Solo with us
Learn to Glide
Go Solo with us

Grasp the opportunity to learn to fly a Glider at Welland Gliding Club and become a solo pilot

Our 'Fixed Price To Solo' plan is a great, affordable way to learn to glide.  It allows you to follow a predetermined training plan (affiliated to the British Gliding Association) which includes all flying and ground school work required to get you to solo pilot standard. This includes unlimited winch launches .


Almost anyone can fly a glider (subject to some height and weight restrictions.) You can start learning from the age of 12, fly solo at 14 and we have members still flying well into their eighties. All our BGA qualified instructors are volunteers and training is FREE and UNLIMITED for all members.

There is no requirement for anyone to ever fly solo - there is always an instructor happy to sit in the back and go for a ride!

Initial training takes place over a few months (max 12 months).


Each time you visit the club, an instructor will assess your current progress (by reading your logbook) and then take you through the next exercise.


Each new exercise will start with a briefing (some theory delivered at the whiteboard) followed by some practical flying and a debrief. Your progress will be documented in your logbook.


The more frequently you attend, the faster you will progress.

Some of the (many) exercises are:

  • Launching/Landing (in various wind strengths/directions)

  • Speed Control

  • Coordinated Turns

  • Circuit Planning

  • Stalling/Spinning

  • etc.


When you can consistently demonstrate an appropriate level of competency for all the exercises then you may be asked if you’d like to fly solo (i.e. without an instructor.)


This is the first major milestone in your gliding career.


How long this takes is entirely dependent on your aptitude and the frequency with which you fly. Some people go solo after 50 launches others take 150 launches and some never go solo.

Once you’ve flown solo, you will then spend more time honing your skills and gaining further experience in different weather conditions.

The next step would be for you to study for your Bronze Endorsement

Course must be completed within one calendar year. Subject to committee approval. Contact Us for details.

Please Note: Our airfield is run by volunteers, everyone helps everyone else to fly.  There are a multitude of tasks that are essential for the smooth running of the flying day.  Full training will be given and you will be expected to assist with these tasks

These consist of:

  • getting the gliders out of the hangar in a morning

  • washing the gliders

  • taking gliders to the launch point

  • setting up the launch point

  • assisting at the launch point

  • logging flight launches and landings

  • using the club vehicles to retrieve gliders (once they have landed)

  • taking gliders back to the hangar at the end of the day

  • Assisting with hangar packing and locking up

Don't worry, our friendly volunteers will be on hand to give full training and assistance for all of these tasks​

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