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This website uses cookies to improve user experience, please find below a list of cookies used on this website.

Above the Clouds
What are cookies?

This website, in common with most other websites, uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that web servers can store on your computer’s hard drive when you visit a website. Websites typically use cookies to ensure that you see the content you want when you go back to a site, to enable you to see protected content when you have logged in with a user name and password or to remember what you have put into your shopping cart when you are online shopping.

Cookies are stored on your computer – they are not associated with an individual, just with the browser that is being used. That's why information you may view on your work computer is not remembered when you go home. They do not store personally identifiable information.

Session or persistent cookies

Some cookies are session cookies. This means they are deleted when you close your web browser (that is Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.). These are the cookies typically used when you log into a bank or make an online purchase.

Other cookies are persistent. This means they remain on your computer until they expire. This can be a fixed time after you have visited the website (eg one year) or a particular date (eg 31 December 2015). These cookies are used to remember information between visits to a website. For example, if you tell the BBC website to remember which weather forecast you want to see, it will use a cookie to remember that.

Use of cookies by Welland Gliding Club
Website analytics

We use Wix website analytics providers to monitor visitor traffic to our site to supply website reporting and analytics. This gives us information about the pages on our site that visitors view, where our visitors come from (for example, whether they were directed to our site by a search engine), how long they choose to stay on the site, the types of browsers they use and so on.

We use this information to enhance our website offering so that we give our users the best possible experience on the site and to monitor the effectiveness of our marketing activities. However, this information is provided in anonymised, aggregate form only. It does not enable you or your activity on our site to be individually identified.

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