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We have two 5-Day Gliding Courses available this year.


The dates for this voucher are:

Monday 12th August – Friday 16th August 2024


The courses will run from Monday morning to Friday afternoon and course students will enjoy at least 20 winch launched flights or 8 flying hours if we have good soaring conditions.


Each course is designed for a maximum of 4 students and utilising two fully qualified instructors and gliders.


You will be launched by winch in a two-seater dual control glider with a qualified instructor

The package also includes your first pilot’s log book and a student pilot manual as part of the bundle.


With good weather, it should be possible to make excellent progress towards your first solo flight in a glider and you will also get involved in all the ground support activities needed to get your fellow students into the air.



Important Booking Restrictions


Normal minimum age is 14. There is no upper age limit but please be aware that the participant will need sufficient mobility to climb into and out of a glider.



Pilot Minimum Weight

50kg (110lbs or 7 Stone 12lbs)

Pilot Maximum Weight

100kg (220lbs or 15 Stone 10lbs)

Please Note: Pilot height restrictions are for your safety (in order to reach the controls and close the canopy)


Pilot Minimum Height

1.5m (4' 9")

Pilot Maximum Height

1.9m (6' 2")

Physical Restrictions​/Health

Pilots must be physically able to get in and out of a glider (similar to getting in/out of a bath)

Pilots must be medically fit to fly (if pregnant, please consult your GP.)



We cannot fly anybody who is under the influence of alcohol. The permissible levels for flying are much more stringent than for driving a car. You will be asked to sign a declaration that you have not drunk alcohol within 8 hours of your flight and have not ‘binged’ in the previous 24 hours.


Please Note: The courses will only operate subject to sufficient bookings


Cancellations only accepted within 14 days of booking


Five Day Gliding Course - 12th/16th August 2024

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